Shoodle Puppies (comparing Shoodles and Cavoodles)

Similar to cavoodles, we are excited to now be breeding very cute and cuddly Shoodles (sometimes known as Shipoos).

treg standing The Shih Tzu is smaller than the Cavalier.  Our Shoodles are toy sized; our Cavoodles may be toy or miniature size (toy = less than 32cm at shoulder; miniature = 32-38cm)

  • The Shih Tzu and Cavalier both have short, squat shaped noses (some snore) and the Poodle has a long, pointed nose/snout so cross-breeding to produce a Shoodle or Cavoodle achieves a similar look (and reduces/eliminates snoring) in the puppies
  • The Shih Tzu and Cavalier both have long, feathery looking coats but the Cavalier coat sheds.
  • Cross-breeding a Cavalier with a Poodle aims to reduce the shedding of the Cavalier, producing a low shedding Cavoodle
  • Shih Tzu don’t shed so cross-breeding with a poodle is more about introducing a curl/wave into the coat.
  • The curly/wavy coat of a Shoodle is more ‘silky’ to touch than the ‘wool’ cavoodles’ coat.

We have discovered that unlike our cavoodle mums who have raised quite independent puppies by 5-6 weeks of age, our Shih Tzu mums are still  ‘mothering’ their puppies at 8 weeks of age.  This trait influences how our Shoodle puppies are toilet trained.  Crate training has helped these gorgeous puppies achieve excellent results.

Check out the information on our Why buy a Waratah Park Puppy page and you will see you get more than ‘just a puppy’ when you buy from us.

                    We look forward to posting pictures soon.  Complete our enquiry form to be added to our waiting list for gorgeous shoodle puppies.


Molly                             KoKo                     Snowy      &         Sarah enjoying a swim

11 Responses to Shoodle Puppies (comparing Shoodles and Cavoodles)

  1. Melissa Ash says:

    I am looking for an older rescue spoodle. We lost our last little girl five months ago. Her name was Coco and she was a maltese cross shih tzu. She was 15 years. Her best friend and life mate is still fretting after all this time. I am not interested in a puppy but would be happy to purchase an older girl that is no longer able to breed i would be more than happy to pay for desexing.

    • Hi Melissa, Thanks for contacting us about an older spoodle. Sorry to hear of Coco’s passing. I don’t have any retired girls at this time. I have a a six month old Shoodle puppy available and she’s already desexed. I have a black Cocker Spaniel for sale but she is a much bigger dog than Coco would have been. If you complete our enquiry form and indicate your preference for a retired/older dog, I’ll contact you when we have a retired dog available. Thanks again for contacting us. Kaylene

  2. Justine says:

    Hi I was after either a black Cavoodle or a black Shoodle puppy. When will you have one available?
    thank you, Jusinte

  3. Anna says:

    I would like a femalew first generation Cavoodle – black from Cavelier King Charles Spaniel and the medium size black poodle.How much would I expect to pay and when such puppy be availlable to me as I have always had only well bred gorgeous pups and need a little cheering up now

    • Hi Anna, Sorry that you are feeling a little down and I’m sure a gorgeous cavoodle puppy would bring LOTS of joy into your life. I know they do for me. I have a tri-coloured Cavalier male and brown female poodles; and I have Blenheim female Cavaliers and black poodle…. not quite the same parentage you mentioned but hopefully we’ll have a gorgeous puppy for you in 2014. I don’t breed as many first generation puppies as second and third. I mate my best second generation cavoodles aiming for even more gorgeous cavoodle puppies as I work through the generations. I’l add your details to our waiting list and let you know when we have first generation puppies. Have a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season. Thanks, Kaylene

  4. jan Phillips says:

    Morning Is the older Shoodle above still available. We live in Adelaide we are a family or five four adults and a 2 1/2 year old Cavoodle boy. Bailee would love to have a brother to play with.


    • Hi Jan, I’ve sent you an email regarding the older Shoodle you asked about. He is available and would definitely enjoy playing with Bailee. I’ve sent you some updated pictures of our little man and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Kaylene

  5. Kathleen Wilson says:

    Hi When will you have some puppies for sale.Thanking You Kathleen Wilson