Our breeding girls and boys

Here’s some pictures of our breeding girls and boys.

paris tux cinnamon  from left to right: Paris, Tuxedo, Cinnamon

Paris, our first cavoodle has a cream coloured, curly coat; is 38cm at her shoulders when standing;  Tuxedo (now retired) was our black and white male cavoodle;  Cinnamon is one of Paris’s daughters from her first litter, her coat is cream/sable and she is 36cm.

Rosie and Joy Joy  left to right: Rossie, Joy Joy

Rosie, Paris’s second daughter to Max (deceased) has a straight, cavalier type coat;   Joy Joy is Paris’s daughter from a later litter when Paris was mated with Konan (toy poodle).  Joy Joy has a much curlier coat and is quite a bit smaller than Rosie and Cinnamon.

Paris & measure chartParis standing in front of our ‘size chart’ shows her height at her shoulders is 38cm.   Paris is our largest breeding female cavoodle.

joy joy and daughter Joy Joy & a puppy enjoying the garden.

Our lovely girl, 'Honey', resting

Our lovely girl, ‘Honey’, resting

Sandy is one of our stud male cavoodles.  He has a gorgeous red curly coat.

Sandy is one of our stud male cavoodles. He has a gorgeous red curly coat.

3 Responses to Our breeding girls and boys

  1. Robyn Kilpatrick says:

    All of your animals look so gorgeous! I am interested in purchasing a mature bitch/dog. I have recently retired and would love a walking companion, but not keen on training a puppy.

    Would love to hear from you if you have or know of a dog that may suit? I am in Coffs Harbour.

    kind regards, Robyn Kilpatrick

    • Hi Robyn, sorry I’ve not got back to you before this. I’m wondering if you are still looking for an older dog as a walking companion. If so, please let me know as I may have just the companion for you, Thanks, Kaylene

      • Douglas Kilpatrick says:

        Hi Kaylene

        Thanks for your reply. Yes we are still interested in an older/retired dog, so would love to hear from you further. I note that you are an ex-Canberra family, so are we, moved here last November!

        I look forward to hearing from you and possibly meeting you at some stage in the future.

        cheers, Robyn